Mental Health Struggles Are Real…But So Is Hope.

Improving your mental health has a ripple effect
throughout the rest of your life.

Improve Your Happiness in Life

At Innovative Family Therapy, our goal is to be that one person that you feel comforable confiding in. You don’t have to feel alone in your struggles. We are that unbiased someone you can put your trust in to improve your mental health and quality of life.







More Comfortable With Teletherapy?
Speak to one our licensed therapists from the comfort of your home.

A Better Approach To Life

It’s vital that you find someone you trust. Our counselors go beyond the call of duty to form a bond between them and their client.

At Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY, we have multiple therapists that are licensed in different areas of counseling. That way, you and your family can receive help in one building versus traveling to different offices.

We look at everything from a family perspective. We assess the situation as it pertains to the dynamic of the entire family instead of just a single person. We even allow multiple counselors to work with a single family.

For some, sitting in a therapist’s office might make them uncomfortable. That’s why we offer teletherapy so our clients can have the option of in-person or video sessions – whatever makes them feel at ease.

Sometimes when you call a therapist’s office, you get put on a waitlist to see someone. We employ enough counselors at our Louisville, KY office to make sure our clients never get put on a waitlist.

Healing Starts At The First Phone Call

What Happens Next?

Let Us Be Your Therapist in Louisville, KY

Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY was started with the goal of one day being the place where someone could come and not feel alone in their struggles. We want to help each and every person identify and overcome the difficulties they are facing in their personal lives, with their partner, or with their family.

We offer a unique counseling approach in that we don’t just look at the individual but the system as a whole. We try to help you figure out how does the one affect the dynamic of the rest in the household.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or alone and not sure how to deal with your mental health struggles, Innovative Family Therapy is here for you.

In our adult therapy sessions,  you meet in one-on-one with your therapist to get support and guidance while working through personal issues. Some of these issues may be anxiety, depression, obsession/impulse control, anger management, divorce, grief, relationship issues, family conflict, addiction, and codependency.

Couples therapy is provided for any type of couple who might need support and guidance through current issues; such as communication, boundary setting, parenting beliefs, intimacy, household roles, and emotional distress. We also offer marriage counseling and divorce counseling via video calls or in-person at our Louisville, KY office.

Family therapy is for families in any type of transitional period; such as moving, divorce, loss, birth, marriage, and other times of transition you may experience. Family sessions are also provided to help provide guidance to resolving family conflict, boundary issues, behavioral problems, and addiction.
Parenting counseling is provided to help parents with children/teens of all ages by providing consultation, support, and guidance on the many different issues they may encounter while raising children.
With teen counseling, your teenager (ages 13-18) will meet with a therapist in one-on-one sessions to provide guidance and help to work through various issues they may be experiencing in this transitionally difficult and often confusing stage of life. Parents are involved in therapy but we recommend allowing the teen to have some privacy to work through the problems they are experiencing.
A Child Therapist meets with your child (age 3-12) one-on-one to work through issues using a variety of different approaches to find what best fits each child’s needs. There are many reasons a parent might bring their child in for therapy. Some of these may be anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, fear, worry, aggression, behavioral issues, underachievement, developmental delays, and social appropriateness.
It’s Time To Invest In A Better You

Trust our therapists to help you identify and overcome your mental health struggles to find the real you.