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It’s vital that you find someone you trust. Our counselors go beyond the call of duty to form a bond between them and their client.

At Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY, we have multiple therapists that are licensed in different areas of counseling. That way, you and your family can receive help in one building versus traveling to different offices.

Our therapists look at everything from a family perspective. We assess the situation as it pertains to the dynamic of the entire family instead of just a single person. We even allow multiple therapists to work with a single family.

For some, sitting in a therapist’s office might make them uncomfortable. That’s why we offer teletherapy so our clients can have the option of in-person or video sessions – whatever makes them feel at ease.

Sometimes when you call a therapist’s office, you get put on a waitlist to see someone. We employ enough therapists to make sure our clients never get put on a waitlist.

More Comfortable With Teletherapy?
Speak to one our licensed therapists from the comfort of your home.

A child with a child therapist in Louisville, KY. As parents, we all want the very best for our kids. If they break an arm, we rush to the hospital. If they have a cough, we head to the doctor’s office. But sometimes problems aren’t so obvious.

Internal struggles from anxiety, trauma, bullying, grief, or transitions in childhood can create big problems that these little people aren’t equipped to deal with on their own. Sometimes as parents, we aren’t equipped on how to help or when to step in.

Fortunately, a child therapist is available to provide help for kids of all ages and their parents to learn more about their feelings, emotions, behaviors, and create a healthy path for the future.

What Does a Pediatric Therapist Do?

Pediatric therapists work differently than other types of therapists. Children often don’t have the vocabulary to express themselves in the same way an adult would. At Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY we help children through a variety of methods to handle different situations.

  • A pediatric therapists’ main job is to work with kids’ emotional and mental state of mind.
  • Common issues a pediatric therapist may work with include ADHD, anxiety, behavioral issues or changes, depression, academic underachievement, life transitions, among many other areas a small child may be dealing with.
  • A child therapist may encourage talk therapy, but often use play and games to connect and reveal the feelings and emotions of children.
  • Using a child therapist can help discover past issues or current distressful challenges.
  • While focusing on the children, a child therapist can also help parents to understand their child better and learn how to support them better at home.

7 Reasons Why Your Kids Need a Therapist

It’s important to trust your instincts as a parent. If you feel like your child could benefit from a child therapist, it’s probably time to call Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY. Some of the common symptoms we see include the following:

  1. A sudden change in eating or sleeping habits such as binging, oversleeping or refusing to eat, or lack of sleep.A counselor counseling a child in Louisville, KY.
  2. New or increasing destructive behaviors in forms of cutting, biting, self-harm, or drug use.
  3. Extreme feelings of sadness or worry for an extended period that gets in the way of normal everyday activities.
  4. Behavior issues that affect school or family life like acting out, talking back, or fighting.
  5. Isolating from friends, especially if this is outside of their normal personality.
  6. Increased physical complaints like stomachaches, headaches, etc.
  7. Talking about death, dying, suicide, killing others that seems more than normal curiosity.

What Happens in Child Therapy?

Kids learn by doing – so child therapy includes a lot of activities. Of course, there is talking, but therapy often includes drawing, playing, role-playing, solving problems together and practicing new skills.

Child Therapy FAQs

No, therapists do not provide evaluations (psychological or academic) for any of our clients. If you are looking for an evaluation you will need to contact a psychologist.

Anytime you have a child exhibiting behavior problems for six months or more, it could be a sign that a child needs behavioral therapy. Six months is long enough to ensure that it’s not a phase and that there might be something more significant going on.

When you start child therapy, we suggest that children start on a weekly basis and decrease as necessary over time as progress is made. For younger children we often recommend our half sessions that are 30 minutes in length.

Why Choose Innovative Family Therapy?

A child therapy session room in Louisville, KY.At Innovative Family Therapy, we take care of each member of the family, from the oldest to the very youngest. In addition to providing children with support and guidance through difficult times in their lives, we give them actionable tools and exercises they can use for years to come.

Does Your Child Need a Therapist?

Just because children can be resilient doesn’t mean they should have to be. Sometimes life throws problems that children didn’t ask for and aren’t equipped to handle on their own. When emotional distress is affecting how your child feels, acts, or learns, seeking out a child therapist can be a helpful treatment option.

In therapy, kids talk, play, draw and learn how to work out their problems in a safe environment. Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY teaches children to cope, communicate, and learn valuable skills they can use throughout their life.

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