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It’s vital that you find someone you trust. Our counselors go beyond the call of duty to form a bond between them and their client.

At Innovative Family Therapy in Louisville, KY, we have multiple therapists that are licensed in different areas of counseling. That way, you and your family can receive help in one building versus traveling to different offices.

Our therapists look at everything from a family perspective. We assess the situation as it pertains to the dynamic of the entire family instead of just a single person. We even allow multiple therapists to work with a single family.

For some, sitting in a therapist’s office might make them uncomfortable. That’s why we offer teletherapy so our clients can have the option of in-person or video sessions – whatever makes them feel at ease.

Sometimes when you call a therapist’s office, you get put on a waitlist to see someone. We employ enough therapists to make sure our clients never get put on a waitlist.

More Comfortable With Teletherapy?
Speak to one our licensed therapists from the comfort of your home.

Are you looking for an adult therapy in Louisville, KY? Life is complicated. And we’re not meant to handle it alone. Anxiety, abuse, depression, trauma, fear, relationships, grief, life transitions, anger, and self-esteem are just a few of the issues that adults deal with every day. Far too many of us attempt to manage our mental and emotional health on our own. Oftentimes these attempts make things worse by introducing unhealthy coping mechanisms or self-destructive behaviors. Adult therapy from a counselor can help you navigate the world around you in a healthy and productive way.

What is Adult Counseling?

Adult counseling is for anyone over the age of 18 who is negatively impacted by the world around them. As adult counselors, we work with each client on an individual level to heal the mind, the spirit, and the body. Adult therapy is provided by meeting with a therapist for talk therapy on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide tools for adults to function in a healthy way emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Who Needs Adult Counseling and Therapy?

No one sails through life without any problems. Everyone hits a roadblock, climbs an insurmountable mountain, or falls into the depths of despair at times. If you’re struggling with a specific issue, we usually recommend counseling once a week, or twice a month at first and then moving sessions out as needed. Most of our regular clients deal with issues just like you, including:

  • Anxiety & Depression: Almost 50 percent of the U.S. population suffers from mental illness, including depression. This can come on suddenly or show up over time and may include feeling sad when you don’t know why, struggling with activities, a lack of energy, or problems concentrating.
  • Marriage Struggles: We encourage adults to seek counseling if they are struggling in their marriage to either promote healing or navigate a divorce together in a healthy way.
  • Anger and Stress Management: You can learn to understand the root of your stress and how to become more self-aware of what contributes to this stress. Then we will work with you on ways to reduce your stress levels by introducing stress management tools that fit your individual needs.
  • Difficult Relationships: This means strengthening the relationships you have with others, including friends, co-workers, partners, etc.
  • Grief/Loss: Grief is one of the most painful things we experience in our lives and is often a long process for healing. This is seen most often after the death of a loved one but can come up in other instances; such as losing a job, divorce, break-ups, moving to a new city, or the pain of a significant change in your life.
  • Personal Growth and Wellness Counseling: Sometimes the biggest challenges we face are within. This includes how we see ourselves, our bodies and analyzing inner behaviors and attitudes.

Benefits of Counseling for Adults

Everyone suffers from intense pain during their lifetime. It’s how we handle it that determines what the future looks like. We provide adults with valuable life skills that can give them the future they want.

  • Adult therapy can help you to hone attention and focus at work so you are more productive.Adult therapy in Louisville, KY helps adults better cope with life.
  • Learn how to quiet your mind of unwanted or unnecessary thoughts and chatter.
  • Use new skills to overcome intense fears and endless worry.
  • Discover ways to effectively manage thoughts of suicide.
  • Create new goals and increase your motivation to achieve them.
  • Adult therapy can help you to learn how to relax and get the rest your body needs more effectively.
  • Through a counselor, you can repair broken relationships.
  • A counselor can help you to recognize patterns of negative thoughts or destructive behavior in your life and change bad habits.
  • Learning about yourself in counseling can help you to find purpose and meaning in your life.
  • As you discover a new side of you, you’ll find the ability to make new friends, hobbies, career options, and live life to the fullest.

FAQs About Adult Counseling

As therapists who work with adults, we have many resources and tools to share with each client. Your therapist may recommend books, worksheets, workbooks, or homework to complete in between sessions.

When you’re ready to make a change, it starts with just one phone call or email. It’s a good idea to begin by getting a sense of what it is you want out of your therapy and what traits you’d like in your counselor. At Innovative Family Therapy, we have several counselors with diverse backgrounds and education. We’d be happy to talk with you and find you a counselor that is a good fit for your situation.

At Innovative Family Therapy, the first session is 90 minutes and costs an initial fee of $120. The following sessions are 50-60 minutes long and cost $90 per session.

Why Choose Innovative Family Therapy

Adult therapy in Louisville, KY by Innovative Family Therapy.Innovative Family Therapy is a unique practice that caters to the individual needs of our clients while seeing how it affects the family as a whole. With therapists available for in- person or teletherapy appointments. We know that life doesn’t wait for you, so we never put our clients on a waitlist. We are here to support you and your family starting today.

No One is Alone

Innovative Family Therapy is your partner in all of the issues life throws at you. With our unique approach that includes adult therapy or help for the entire family, we can provide coping skills, relationship help, and advocate for a new, healthier you. Although life is complicated, it’s not meant to be lived alone – we are here to help every step of the way. Contact Innovative Family Therapy at their main office in Louisville, KY and find your partner waiting for you.

It’s Time To Invest In A Better You

Trust our therapists to help you identify and overcome your mental health struggles to find the real you.