CADC, Marriage & Family Therapist
Independently Contracted Therapist

Hello, I’m Crashonda Duncan. I wear many hats – I’m a psychotherapist, an integrative health practitioner in training, and a trained EMDR specialist. In 2018, I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Campbellsville University. I am also proud to be a member of Delta Kappa, the International Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society, which is a revered institution for the profession of marriage and family therapy. My journey has been deeply personal, as I’ve navigated life with a chronic disorder. This experience has given me a profound understanding of the challenges and strength it takes to manage such conditions.

I work with individual teens and adults, offering support tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. My personal journey has allowed me to connect with clients on a level that goes beyond professional expertise, emphasizing the value of empathy and true understanding.

As a psychotherapist, I’m passionate about addressing the intersection of mental health and holistic healing. I specialize in treating clients with autoimmune disorders and chronic conditions, where my expertise truly shines.

My journey is not just about me; it’s about all of us. Outside of my professional journey, I’m a devoted “boy mom” who enjoys traveling, immersing myself in all things self-care, and spending quality time with my family and friends.

I welcome you to the healing journey. I am grateful you stopped by.

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