Carmellia Jackson-Hurley, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Carmellia works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

I’m a Marriage and Family therapist associate committed to helping individuals learn how to build healthier relationships with one another. My work focuses on looking at the past to help sculpt the future we want to have. I believe in a taking a collaborative approach to helping clients reach their goals and see the light they bring to others. I am also passionate about helping marginalized populations reclaim their voice and feel empowered. I studied at Berea College where I earned my degrees in Child and Family Studies and Psychology. I later pursued two Masters, one in Social Work and the other in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work.

My clients are the ones who often feel overworked and unappreciated. My clients often call themselves ‘high functioning’ and get reviews that say they are a ‘self-starter, team player and works well without much guidance’. My clients are working moms or other caregivers that are taking care of business, stepping on LEGOs, and celebrating the little wins, like brushing your teeth.  My clients are the ‘go to’ person in their family and/or the ‘mom’ of the friend group. My clients are often silenced way before they get a chance to speak up. Even with all of these accolades, they are still trying to navigate who they are. If this resonates with you, it landed for a reason.

We all deserve to find solace in ourselves, in our home, and in our relationships with others. light the way and take that step today to find love in all the places you call home, starting with yourself. If you are interested in finding or reclaiming your light, I invite you to reach out.

Carmellia is available for in person or teletherapy sessions on Mondays 4pm-8pm and Sundays 9am to 2pm. Saturday appointment availability coming soon.

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